Friday, September 30, 2011

KULFI -- Traditional Indian Ice Cream

Kulfi is the Indian version of Ice Cream, traditionally eaten on a stick like a lolly!

Kulfi is flavoured ice cream made with condensed milk and various flavours. At guglee we have our “special” flavours of Kulfi. They are Malai,  Pistachio, Almond, Mango, and Rose and Honey which is our most popular flavour. These days on the streets of Mumbai you can find all of these flavours including others such as Chocolate, Orange, Cardamom or Saffron.

Kulfi is very dense and rich tasting. Compared to ice cream kulfi is very different. Kulfi is not whipped, resulting in a solid, dense frozen dessert. Due to its density, kulfi takes a longer time to melt than normal ice creams which are soft and fluffy.

In India you can find kulfi carts on every street sold by different vendors. They are called kulfiwallahs who keep the kulfi frozen by placing the moulds inside a large earthenware pot called a "matkas" in Hindi. 

Indian summers can be really hot, so Kulfi turns out to a real refresher that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why curry is good for you!

Curry is GOOD for you
And know what? It’s all in the spices!

According to Ayurveda - an ancient tradition that is said to bring balance & happiness to mind, body & spirit. Humans have three life energies or doshas: vata dosha, pitta dosha & kapa dosha which  must be balanced for well-being. This is achieved through a diet that feeds each doshas with meals in each of the 6 taste classifications. 

A meal, replete with a blend of spices, is complete when all tastes are present to balance the 3 doshas.

Modern science has confirmed the health claims of this ancient wisdom especially with regard to medicinal properties of key ingredients in a curry.

Turmeric- to cure and help prevent chronic ailments ranging from indigestion and cold sores to diabetes.

Garlic- It promotes the well-being of the heart and immune systems with antioxidant properties and helps maintain healthy blood circulation.



Sweet: soothing, nourishing,energising & satisfying 
Salty: helps skin glow, increases water intake & maintains –exibilty 
Sour: increases appetite, aids digestion & stimulates salivation 
Pungent: boosts circulation & cleans the blood 
Bitter: purfies the blood & firms the skin 
Astringent: aids digestion & blood puri fcation