Saturday, February 9, 2013

guglee west hampstead celebrates its 1st year anniversary tonight!

guglee west hampstead celebrates its 1st year anniversary tonight! or as the guglee team likes to put it, its first Birthday! so why not celebrate an amazing year gone by and a promising year to come!
So as a part of this celebration, champagne corks will be popping tonight and you as our beloved guests will receive a free glass of bubbly and traditional indian house dessert as a gesture of our gratitude for your support and encouragement!

We really hope to see you for tonite's celebrations. Even if you aren’t keen on dining with us, do drop by to simply say Hello and enjoy a glass of drink with us.
The past year despite full of challenges and hardships, we did achieve perfecting our operations to deliver and ensure consistent

The cheerfulness of our front of house team, our super talented chef and his committed kitchen team, our home delivery drivers who ensure the food reaches to you on time and patience shown by our own families towards our crazy working hours all combined together into the right mix of ingredients to exceed every guest's expectations.
Also a big thank you to Saurabh and Nora (, our interior designers for creating the WOW effect in the restaurant and with whom we continue to collaborate towards making of a semi exclusive dining space (crystal room) and a Conservatory! watch this space!

For guglee team, it was never about experiencing just a bowl of curry but providing a wholistic guglee experience where ingredients, warm company, great drinks and atmosphere gear towards presenting to you "the spice of life"!!

We are truly humbled and feel extremely fortunate to have you as our guests for the past year and many more years to come. Tonight is a chance for us to celebrate this relationship and thank you all for the warm support and incredible amount of trust.
A bigger thank you for all of you who made time to give us a great feedback, reviews, tweets, likes and numerous lovely messages on our social media networks!

Special thanks to J and Whampreview ( who made us a part of the community in such a short time.

Thank you for everything and hope to see you tonight!